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Earth Chip Chocolate Kale Chips Reviews

Gregg Carroll - Friday, October 22, 2010

We've recently received some glowing reviews for our Earth Chips Chocolate Kale chips that we'd like to share. Made with organic, raw cacao and coconut sugar, our chocolate covered kale chips are a unique and delicious treat, and healthy too! Check out the reviews below and see what others are saying about Earth Chips Chocolate Kale chips:

"How could you put chocolate with kale and expect it taste good? But the chocolate coconut coating was so, so deep and rich and flavorful! A few bites that weren’t totally covered definitely tasted like kale, but I like kale so it wasn’t a big surprise. I think my favorite part was just how thick the coating was. It really made these kale chips crunchy, not thin and crispy like when you make them at home in the oven. Two thumbs up from me!" — read more at Bran Appetit!

"The first thing I noticed when biting into these chips was their sweetness. I was concerned about bitterness, but those fears were quelled instantly. This is because in addition to chocolate, these kale chips are flavored with various forms of coconut, including coconut sugar, flakes and oil. It's a hard-to-describe flavor combination, but it's so sweet that these chips are not only perfect for snacking, but they're also an amazing dessert on their own." — read more at The Health Sleuth

"What I really loved was their Chocolate Kale Chips!! Yes, I said chocolate and kale in the same sentence. Who would of thunk of this combination. It is YUM! It satisfies my chocolate 'tooth' (yeah, you know you’ve got one too) without being overly heavy. The chips are like ethereal wisps of feathery crisp chocolate." — read more at Healthy Simple Living

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