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Magnesium's Role

Gregg Carroll - Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Did you know the mineral magnesium plays an important role in insulin activation?

Magnesium is necessary to release and activate the hormone insulin, which aids in maintaining blood sugar levels. Studies show that individuals with type 2 diabetes are often low in body magnesium levels, which may worsen the condition of insulin resistance that usually precedes diabetes. Lack of magnesium is often the reason for unexplained fatigue and exhaustion. Simple dietary choices can help alleviate this state. Rich sources of magnesium include all dark greens, most nuts, lentils, beans and seeds, and other whole grains.

Image: Phonsawat

Aiming to Lose Weight, Say “Yes” to Vegetable Protein

Gregg Carroll - Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Seven year follow-up study on the employees of Chicago Western Electric company showed that animal protein caused significant weight gain and obesity. The study observed that those with highest quartile of animal protein intake were more likely to gain weight, while those with highest quartile of vegetable protein had lower odds of being obese.


Replacing Eggs With … Flax?

Gregg Carroll - Friday, March 01, 2013

One tablespoon flax seed (ground) + 3 tablespoon water = surprise!! You got one egg replacer! Flax seeds are rich in omega- 3 fats and dietary fiber. Enjoy the flax seeds in all your baking dishes.


Image: Cory Ramey


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