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5 Ways Walking Helps to Decrease Stress

Gregg Carroll - Wednesday, May 29, 2013

We know that walking can burn calories, ward off obesity and reduce the risk of heart disease, but did you know that your afternoon stroll could be a stress-buster and decrease the need for medications related to stress, depression, sleeplessness, etc.?!

5 ways walking helps to decrease stress:

1. Puts your brain in meditative state.

2. Improves attention span: According to studies walking 20 minutes several times a week through a greener landscape helps improve attention span and memory.

3. Boosts stress-busting endorphin levels.

4. Walking in groups decreases the levels of stress hormone cortisol, lowers blood pressure, improves stress resilience and alleviates depression.

5. According to a 2008 study, individuals with sedentary lifestyles experienced a significant boost in energy (20 percent) and a 65 percent reduction in fatigue after following exercise programs centered around walking.

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