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Tomato Basil (Pizza) Kale - raw (2.2 oz) - contains No Tree nuts
Tomato Basil (Pizza) Kale - raw (2.2 oz) - contains No Tree nuts
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Now on SALE at $2.99 Retail Price if you buy 6 packs!

Ingredients: Premium, organic (OG) kale, OG BTR®
SPROUTED sunflower seeds, OG sundried tomatoes, OG sweet red peppers, OG lemon powder, OG basil, OG oregano, sea salt.

Our raw kale chips are dried, never fried, bursting with taste and freshness. Our kale chips are dipped in delicious spices, and low-temperature dehydrated, so the nutritional value stays with the kale, maintaining its superfood, enzyme-active state. You will love the taste and the crunch, while you get plenty of vitamins A, C, K and minerals, such as iron, manganese and calcium.

Indulge in green live food and guilt-free snacking. Eat your vegetables straight out of the bag, sprinkle the crumbs on your salads, garnish your stir fries, rice or soup. Nothing artificial. No preservatives, fillers or additives. No oils, trans fats, non-GMO, and gluten-free. Enjoy our beneficial nutrient-dense super snack food! Your kids will love them too!

  • Raw & Vegan
  • Premium, Kale & Ingredients
  • No Preservatives, Non-GMO, Gluten-free
  • USDA Certified Organic by Stellar Certification Services
  • Certified Kosher by Earth Kosher
  • Made to Order in Small Batches
  • Made in a Peanut-Free and Soy-Free Facility
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                                                                     New Season Kale and Freshly-Made Kale Chips!

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Cheezy Kale Chips, raw (2.2 oz) contains cashews

Cheezy Kale Chips, raw (2.2 oz) contains cashews


Ingredients: Premium, organic (OG) kale, OG BTR® sprouted cashews, OG nutritional yeast, OG red bell peppers, OG lemon juice, Sea Salt, OG turmeric.


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