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April 7, 2011

Blue Mountain Organics Credits High Quality for Growth

By Don Johnson, The Floyd Press

Many American businesses are struggling just to stay in business during the country's economic downturn, but that's not the case for a relatively new Floyd County-based company.

That company, Blue Mountain Organics, has been racking up eye-popping sales numbers for the past few years — and its president is projecting even greater sales in the near future

If you ask him why his firm is bucking the norm, he has a simple explanation for his firm's success — high quality.

His company is Blue Mountain Organics, a manufacturer and worldwide distributor of high-quality raw, organic and kosher food products as well as raw, organic, non-dairy ice cream.

The business was established in a Floyd County home six years ago by Jared Mizrahi and Stephanie Weisman who created their products at home....

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February 16, 2011

Supermarket Guru, Phil Lempert, Takes Earth Chips on "The View"

By the American Broadcasting Company

As part of his ongoing showcasing of new products, Phil Lempert, The Supermarket Guru, included our Earth Chip Chocolate Kale chips on ABC's The View with Whoopi Goldberg and Joy Behar! We're grateful to Mr. Lempert and everyone at The View for including us. Follow the link below to watch the clip!

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December 17, 2010

Phil Lempert and Earth Chips on ABC's "Now You Know"

By the American Broadcasting Company

Phil Lempert, The Supermarket Guru, brought our Earth Chip Chocolate Kale chips on ABC's Now You Know segment with Mike Marusarz. Watch the video below (starts at 4:30).

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December 15, 2010

Supermarket Guru Says Our Chocolate Kale Earth Chips are "A Hit!"

By Phil Lempert

"This product is a HIT! This one I guarantee is perfect for the kids. Get a load of this — it is chocolate kale with omegas 3 and 6, nothing artificial, rich in vitamins A, C and K. one third of a bag does have 6 grams of fat and 4 grams of sugars, but is well worth it. The idea of dipping dehydrated kale in a recipe of cashews, coconut, chia, cacao and vanilla is brilliant...."

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August 30, 2010

WDBJ 7 News - Floyd County Organic and Raw Food Company Makes Room for More Growth

by Holly Pietrzak

New River Valley Newsroom Chief

FLOYD CO., Va. — An organic and raw food company in Floyd County is making room for even more growth by adding a new ingredient to the mix.

Organic, Kosher, dairy-free, soy-free and peanut-free....Blue Mountain Organics is producing more than 400 whole, raw food products in Floyd County.

"This has been a dream for me to bring healthy foods to people worldwide," said company founder, Jared Mizrahi....

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June 2, 2010

Roanoke Times - Live Food's Live Wire

Jared Mizrahi's "super-creativity" has made Floyd's Blue Mountain Organics a thriving enterprise.

By Lindsey Nair

I have never interviewed a person like Jared Mizrahi.

To call him an "idea man" would be an understatement. During the course of a two-hour meeting, the owner of Blue Mountain Organics in Floyd shared more than a dozen plans for such projects as building a mill in Floyd and throwing a huge concert in the desert that will last seven days and seven nights.

Two of his ideas — getting his products into snack packages for Jet Blue airlines and marketing them to hospitals — went on the "to do" board in the conference room as soon as they left his lips.

But ideas are useless without implementation, and Mizrahi's company is proof that his plans do not all languish on a whiteboard. Blue Mountain Organics, which manufactures and sells raw and organic "super foods," experienced 80 percent growth in 2009....

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April 14, 2010

Supermarket Guru Reviews Blue Mountain Cashew Creamery... "A Hit!"

By Phil Lempert

"This product is a HIT! If you are looking for a non-dairy ice cream substitute you might want to try Blue Mountain Cashew Creamery Mango Cashew Cream. It actually is a base of agave, cashews, and mango. It is creamy, not as much as you would find in Hagen Das or Ben and Jerry’s, but it is really quite good. This is also raw to ensure the digestive enzymes retain their potency. Cashews are also rich in monounsaturates – so it is the good fat – and it is vegan...."

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December 2009

Blue Ridge Outdoors Magazine - Dairy-Free Ice Cream That Doesn’t Suck

By Jedd Ferris

It turns out this wasn’t actually ice cream at all, it was cashew cream made by the crafty hippies at Blue Mountain Organics out of Floyd, Virginia. I usually find dairy-free ice cream imitations to be pretty repulsive—like a frozen version of the paste I used to eat as a kid (that explains a lot). But this stuff was not only edible, it was extremely tasty. But this stuff was not only edible, it was extremely tasty. The dairy-, soy-, and gluten-free cashew creams are a raw food with enzymes that make it easy to digest (viva la lactose intolerance!), and they are sweetened with agave nectar, so you don’t get the annoying head rush highs and lows of a processed sugar spike....

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December 2009

Natural Awakenings - Blue Mountain Organics

Raw-foodism can be called a diet, but most of its followers call it a lifestyle.

By Rives Elliot

Based on the fact that nutrients deplete and enzymes break down in food as it is heated, raw-foodists focus on eating uncooked, minimally processed food. Most eat a vegan diet.

Raw-foodism (or “rawism”) has been popularized in recent years by books as Raw: The Uncook Book, by Juliano Brotman, and Superfoods, by David Wolfe. Interest in rawism has gained such momentum that several raw restaurants have sprung up in our area, developing rawism into a serious cuisine for residents here in southwest Virginia.

While most raw operations are based in large cities like New York and San Francisco, Blue Mountain Organics chose a more idyllic countryside location to set up shop in 2006.

"I first went raw when I was 16," says founder Jared Mizrahi. Growing up in New York City, Mizrahi's parents exposed him to a number of diets such as vegetarianism and macrobiotics. Although he experimented with several diets to determine which provided him with the most energy, he settled on a combination of raw and cooked foods....

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May 2007

Northern Virginia Magazine - Just Plain Nuts

By Warren Rojas

At one point in “Best in Show” — Christopher Guest’s droll send-up of competitive dog shows — one of the stars recounts how he used to drive his mother insane by rattling off every type of nut he could think of.

Health food mogul Jared Mizrahi, on the other hand, drives his competitors crazy by making every nut he can think of even better. The brains behind Blue Mountain Organics, Mizrahi has been focused on bringing raw foods to the masses ever since he sampled some soaked almonds at a gathering hosted by his future wife. He has since branched out with dozens of specialty nuts, seeds, blended butters and other natural foods....

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