Customer Rave Reviews

"I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your mint 'ice cream', It's fantastic!! " ~ Lidija Francois


"...That's right, keep it local unless it's as good as Blue Mountain Cashew Ice which case, if it were not available locally, I would travel to get it in!...Hard to believe, but it's that good... :) " ~ Chinelo Arinze


" You are one of the things I am thankful for this Thanksgiving -- thank you so much for providing the nutritious and nourishing food that you do. I'm very thankful you exist! " ~ Pamela


"Thank you SO much!! For your supremely tasty raw vegan ice cream, esp the mint chocolate chip omg yummmm!!! In that creation alone, all of my problems may have been resolved ;D " ~ Elizabeth Love


"I'm not a sucker for just another pretty face, I did my homework and Blue Mountain Organics certainly scores a home run on all counts!! Great reviews from all of your fans - congratulations! " ~ Michael Moore


"The Chocolate Snackaroons are wonderful! " ~ Hilary Nickerson


"I recently discovered blue mountain cashew cream (I found out I was practically allergic to everything so had to make a change and I didn't want to sacrifice my ice cream). This is the best ice cream I have ever tasted!!! It is a little pricey but I do understand that it takes a lot of effort to create such a wonderfully delicious and healthy treat!! I may not be able to have it every day but I love it and will continue to purchase it!! Thanks for making these raw healthful treats! :) " ~ Sarah McNeese


"I know my raw desserts, and Blue Mountain Organics ice cream is the best around. It's the most luscious, creamy raw ice cream I have ever tasted. My personal favorites are mango and vanilla, but their variety is sure to please every palate. " ~ Heather


"I don't tolerate dairy well, and one item that I miss is ice cream. Fortunately I found Blue Mountain Cashew Creamery! I'm so enjoying eating my way through the wonderful, rich flavors. And the texture is wonderful. I never knew cashews could be so great! I don't miss dairy anymore! " ~ Regina McClinton


"After about 5 years of eating mainly raw food I have began having a hard time digesting nuts. I love 'Better than Roasted' nuts because that aren't as heavy on my stomach, takes less times to digest, plus I get energy from eating them. They have no adverse effect on me whatsoever. The texture rocks, they are crunchy and the flavor is enriched from the process used. They really are better than roasted! " ~ Ali Lone


"At last! I have finally found products that taste great and are actually good for you. In all the years I have been shopping in health food stores, as well as specialty shops, I have never came across anything like the products from The Raw Bakery. Thank you Raw Bakery for making food choices easy. " ~ Robert B. Stephenson, M.D.


"Blue Mountain Organics has two things I look for in an online business: Excellent Products. Excellent Service. " ~ Edith Andersen


"The Better Than Roasted nut butters by Blue Mountain Organics are the best I've ever had. Not only are the organic nuts ans seeds germinated before being ground into delectable nut butter, this process is done at a very low temperature, which allows the enzymes to stay intact, benefiting the human body tremendously. " ~ Matt Monarch, Author of 'Raw Success and Raw Spirit


"Whenever I walk into my health store Blue Mountain's Chocolate Raw Ice Cream pulls me towards it like a tractor beam. I feel captured by its amazing chocolaty taste, so real you won't believe it's dairy free! " ~ Philip McCluskey


"Thanks so much for the quality of food that you provide. I have been so happy to have access to your products. I found the sprouted nuts at Reston Whole Foods. I am a fanatic about food and follow the Weston Price Foundation recommendations for nutrition. I am so grateful to have access to sprouted nuts. I have sprouted nuts in the past and know that it is a rather time consuming process and it is helpful to find your products that have been prepared in this healthy way - so that I can keep my healthy eating habits and busy schedule. Thank so much and hope you keep up the good work. " ~ Judy Hughes


"The best of the best. " ~ John Castleberry


"Wonderful products! Wonderful company! Wonderful care! " ~ Elaine Bragg


"Love the recipes you include with emails! Thank you! " ~ Tricia Slone


"Better Than Roasted should really be called Best Ever, Never Roasted. What an outstanding product line. Keep up the great work! " ~ David Wolfe, World renowned raw foodist


"I just have to say that the ice cream you sent was some of the best packaged stuff I have ever tried. Especially the Mint Cacao Chip! Thanks so much! " ~ Allyson from Manifest Vegan


"I am so pleased to have found you. Everything I have ordered has been of the highest quality. Keep up the good work. " ~ Suzy


"You have the best raw ice cream I' ever tasted. " ~ Noelle Mador


"I truly appreciate all of your goodies and that you can provide such wonderful snacks with sprouted nuts, seeds, and grains!Thanks again, " ~ Wes


"I ADORE many of the Blue Mountain Organics products and look forward to trying new things as developed! It's wonderful to find organic sprouted nuts in so many products that are tasty! I am always aware of my protein in-take because I have been eating cleaner plant-based foods. I eat the Nut Butters for breakfast and enjoy the Granola and Trail Mix for a quick snack. And who could resist the Nut's so tasty and satisfying I actually eat much less. Keep up the good work! " ~ Bonnie Scott, Odessa, NY


"Thank YOU for your amazing products and customer service excellence. I will be shopping with you again! " ~ Cat