Gift Box: The Savory Box- FREE SHIPPING!

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We’re offering a substantial discount (up to 50% depending on where you live), including free shipping. That means you can get a sweet or savory box delivered to your door for just $24.99!

What’s in these boxes? We’re glad you asked...

-Stone Ground

-Certified Organic

-Certified Kosher


-Processed in a peanut-free, dairy-free, and soy-free facility


Raw Basil Wraps: We make these grain-free wraps out of organic fruit and flax seeds flavored with a hint of basil and sea salt, then low-temperature dehydrate them for the perfect texture to carry the filling of your choice. 

Cheezy Kale: It’s okay to be a little cheesy on Mother’s Day! We dust our organic, raw kale with sprouted cashews and a blend of organic spices for that cheesy flavor, then we dry it-- never fry it!-- at low temperatures to preserve all that nutrition and keep its enzymes active.

Kale Power Crunch: We mix raw kale, sprouted nuts and seeds and brown rice protein powder, all seasoned with a touch of lemon and red pepper, for a savory and sophisticated superfood snack packed with 12 grams of protein!

Havit Raw Sweet Potato Crackers: Made of organic sweet potatoes, carrots, and sprouted almonds and flavored with a touch of lemon and herbs, these crispy raw, grain-free crackers are the perfect mix of sweet and savory.

Havit Raw Buckwheat Sandwich Squares: Made of buckwheat, zucchini, apples, olive oil, and flax seeds and flavored with onion and herbs, this hearty, gluten-free raw bread is sturdy enough to stand up to a mountain of vegetables and other yummy sandwich fillings... but tasty enough to munch on plain!