Blue Mountain Organics as your Operating Partner

Blue Mountain Organics as your Operating Partner

A brief introduction:

The Blue Mountain Organics team works as an Operating partner to our customers rather than as a vendor or a contract manufacturer. This hand-in-glove relationship style seems to resonate as we have been able to help a growing number of companies and brands each year.
Our team has many years of experience in helping small businesses. Not as a ‘consultant’ but as a value- added supplier and member of your operating team. We think it’s because we CARE. If you do well then we do well. It’s a win-win for us both.

Blue Mountain Organics is a manufacturer and distributor of High Quality Nutrient-Dense Organic Foods with an emphasis on digestibility, purity and quality nutrition.
We pride ourselves on flexibility and customer service and seek to partner with customers to help them solve their problems.

In a nutshell, (pun intended) We

  • Have produced sprouted products since inception and sprout (activate) more products than any other manufacturer. This enhances digestibility and availability of nutrients and, by removing phytates, concentrates the flavor and renders ingredients less bitter
  • Operate tried and true, stone-grinding techniques for making nut and seed butters and for flour milling. It’s slower but it doesn’t heat the product like high-speed steel mills. Slower, cooler processing expresses the oils and breaks down the particles rather than just chopping them up. We can produce textures to 30 microns
  • Work with customers to design processes and products
  • Work with smaller companies on start-ups and companies introducing new products where forecasts are less certain.
  • Know the trials and pressures of small business.
  • Have NO MOQ. 
  • Have No “rush” fees.
  • Always try to ship yesterday because that's what our customers seem to want
  • Are certified Organic (non-GMO)
  • Supply raw vegan products
  • Are certified Kosher.
  • Have designed and produced processes and products from nut butter/ blends to kale chips, wraps, bread, and frozen smoothie cubes.
  • Do small co-packing projects (from half a pallet or less) of a jarred product such as coconut butter, crunchy peanut butter, or other kinds of butter and blended mixtures. (adding proteins, superfoods, probiotics, etc.)
  • Do small-volume private label packaging.
  • Private label non-dairy frozen desserts. 
  • Operate under FSMA guidelines and our HACCP, Food Defense, and Sanitation plan.
  • Maintain a wide array of products/ingredients for commercial and/or food service applications ( see our website for many of them

We are available to answer your questions just about any time. Call, text or WhatsApp Peter at 276 224 3179 or
Email or Skype at peter.d.houchin