Figs Turkish Bulk, Organic

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Our decadent Turkish figs are a good source of fiber and calcium!
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Our decadent dried Turkish figs are raw, organic, and perfect for cooking and snacking. Stock up on this sweet source of fiber, calcium, antioxidants today!

Ingredients: Organic Whole Raw Turkish Figs
-Certified Organic
-Certified Kosher, Pareve
-Processed in a peanut-free, dairy-free, and soy-free facility

No added sugars, no preservatives-- just raw, organic dried figs. Our premium Turkish figs add natural sweetness and a nutrient boost to oatmeal, granola, breads, pilaf, chutney, raw treats, and your favorite recipes. (Pssst, they also make a great snack or dessert all by themselves!)
Just a two-ounce serving of sweet, chewy Turkish figs has 24% of your daily value of fiber and 10% of your daily value of calcium. They’re also a good source of manganese and vitamin K. Plus, figs are packed with antioxidants like phenols, which studies show help prevent cancer. And even though they’re candy-sweet, figs have only a medium glycemic ranking or a moderate effect on blood sugar!

FUN FACT! In ancient times, travelers in the Middle East carried dried figs threaded conveniently onto a string as a nutritious, long-keeping, and delicious source of energy.

Shelf life: One year if properly stored

Storage: Cool, dry, dark area. Turkish figs can be refrigerated or frozen to extend freshness.